Hawaiian Wildlife - Design Inspiration

Hawaiian Wildlife - Design Inspiration

Hawaii, an idyllic paradise nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, is a haven of vibrant energy, vivid colors, and breathtaking landscapes. Its unique blend of native and introduced flora and fauna paint a picture of diversity and cultural richness. As we delve into the tapestry of Hawaii's natural beauty, we uncover a world where every plant, every animal, and every tradition has a story to tell.

A Kaleidoscope of Diversity: Flora and Fauna of Modern Hawaii

Hawaii's botanical and zoological diversity is a living testament to the islands' geological history and cultural heritage. From the majestic coconut palms that line the shores to the vibrant hibiscus blooms that dot the landscapes, Hawaii's flora embodies a spectrum of colors and life. Similarly, its fauna, including the playful spinner dolphins and the graceful sea turtles, enchant visitors and locals alike, offering glimpses into the enchanting world beneath the waves.

Harmony of Natives and Introductions

Modern Hawaii is a tapestry woven with threads of both native and introduced species. While native flora and fauna have evolved over millions of years, introduced species have been brought by voyagers and settlers, weaving cultural stories and influences into the islands' fabric. The ti plant, with its strong cultural ties, epitomizes this blend. Its leaves are not only used in leis but also symbolize protection and warding off evil spirits, a testament to the intertwining of nature and culture.

Icons of Hawaii: From Plumeria to Sea Turtles

Some introduced species have become iconic symbols of Hawaii, embraced by locals and visitors alike. The plumeria, with its fragrant blossoms and vibrant colors, has become synonymous with the spirit of aloha. Its presence gracing leis and adorning the hair of hula dancers evokes a sense of the islands' essence. Likewise, the native and magnificent sea turtle, known as the honu, embodies wisdom and longevity, captivating hearts as it glides gracefully through the azure waters.

Our Tribute to Hawaii

Inspired by the kaleidoscope of Hawaii's flora and fauna, our Hawaiian Wildlife design comes to life, weaving together native, cultural, and introduced elements. The design pays homage to traditional Hawaiian quilting, a craft deeply rooted in the islands' history. Just as each patch in a quilt tells a story, each element in the art piece represents a thread in Hawaii's cultural and natural tapestry. This tip to Hawaiian quilts can be seen in the desings' layout which takes cues from traditional Hawaiian quilting, with its intricate patterns and harmonious arrangement of shapes. 


Hawaii's flora and fauna, whether native, introduced, or culturally significant, form a captivating mosaic that defines the islands' identity. Through art, we can capture the essence of this diversity, weaving together threads of tradition, culture, and natural wonder into a vibrant design that tells the story of Hawaii's past, present, and future and acts as a reminder of Hawaii's profound connection to its flora and fauna. To highlight this connection we have included a list of species in the design below so that those who read this may form a deeper connection to not only our design, but also the species represented on it. 


  • Kukui - Candlenut - Aleurites moluccanus
  • Ti Plant - Green Cordyline - Cordyline fruticosa
  • Koa - Acacia koa 
  • Koki‘o ‘ula‘ula - Hibiscus - Hibiscus kokio subsp. Kokio
  • Kalo - Taro - Colocasia esculenta
  • Melia - Plumeria spp.


  • Honu - Green Sea Turtle - Chelonia mydas
  • Nai'a - Bottlenose Dolphin - Tursiops truncatus
  • Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - Reef Triggerfish - Rhinecanthus rectangulus
  • Moʻo - Gold Dust Day Gecko - Phelsuma laticauda
  • Leho/Puka Shell - Serpent's Head Cowry - Cypraea caputserpentis
  • Pulelehua - Kamehameha Butterfly - Vanessa tameamea
  • Sunrise Shell - Decatopecten noduliferum
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